Kubitz crowned manliest man

The annual Man Pageant also raised $700 for the Dubuque Regional Humane Society


Sarah Jackman

Pageant Contestants prepare for the Question/Answer session. From Left – Sam Noel, Jack Fisher, Shane Arnold, Connor Sindt, Jacob Sindt, Jared Weber, Ben Cook, Nick Kubitz, and Evan Wille. Kubitz ultimately won the competition.

Gracie Mena, Rampage Reporter

On the 27th of March 9 manly men – Jared Weber, Jacob Sindt, Sam Noel, Nick Kubitz, Ben Cook, Connor Sindt, Jack Fisher, Even Wille, and Shane Arnold – competed to see who the manliest man was. The pageant also raised $700 for the Dubuque Regional Humane Society.

Each contestant strutted their stuff as emcees Kathryn Burns and Becca Alvarenga introduced them.

Next, was the joke telling. The men, in groups of three, told jokes one after another. The goal was to hold a straight face. Judges tallied each man’s number of laughs. The man with the least number of laughs won that category.  Many of the jokes could be categorized as “dad jokes.” Let’s just say these men are ahead of the game.

After jokes was the talent portion of the competition. These talents included magic tricks, Bob Ross painting recreations, turkey calling noises, dancing, orange peeling, and more. Many of these talents pulled more jokes than the joke portion of the competition.

After watching their talents, it was time to see who these men really are in a spontaneous question and answer session. These questions pertained to their plans after high school, self-image, and more.

After the question and answer portion, the whole audience played a Kahoot. Questions involved guessing which contestant was represented in the baby picture and some questions about the show.

The contest concluded with Nick Kubitz being named the manliest man at Dubuque Senior High this year.