Prom Season is here!


Sarah Jackman

Prom is often one of the last "big events" before the year comes to a close. For the Class of 2019, it is their last dance as DSHS students.

Lucia Nelson, Rampage Special Reporter

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For many high school students, springtime doesn’t only mean AP tests and cramming for finals. It also brings Prom Season. For Dubuque Senior High School, Prom is Saturday, April 27th.

Prom tickets became available on April 15th. Single tickets are selling for $15.00 and a ticket for a student and guest will cost $30.00, according to student council member Charles Nelson.

The theme of Prom 2019 will be “A Night of A Thousand Lights” at The Grand River Center in Dubuque. The dance will begin at 8:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm, according to the student council Twitter page.

Bailey Hammerand (12) attended Dubuque Senior’s 2018 Prom and will be on the dance floor again this year.

“I like the whole getting ready aspect, and I like how it’s all the upperclassmen together for the last time.” Hammerand also enjoyed the music and visiting with friends at last year’s prom. Although she only just thought about planning things like her dress last month, she has been looking forward to her senior prom much longer.

The student council has been planning for the dance since February, including forms of advertising. You may see more information about Prom through the student council on social media @RamsStuCo on Twitter and @seniorstuco on Instagram).

The council has also been working on posters for the event than can be found around school.