Hang out with friends at a good old fashioned sleepover!

Sleepovers aren’t just for kids!


DSHS Echo Staff

Bailey Hammerand (12), Maddi Lyons (12), and Meredith Kass (12) show off their PJs during Snowcoming week. The group could just as easily have been heading to a sleepover!

Elyza Hoffman, Rampage Special Reporter

Although a slumber party seems simple, if certain guidelines aren’t followed, 6 teenagers sleeping in one room can become a train wreck.

Follow these 5 simple steps for a smooth sleepover where everyone goes home satisfied and smiling!

Invite Commonly 

If you want to make sure everyone has a good time, be sure to invite friends common among all guests. It’s great to spread your friend circle and introduce all your friends, but a better way to do this would be a day trip where you all hang out, rather than a bunch of strangers sleeping in one room together. As you all become commonly good friends, sleepovers together as a group are an awesome way to have a good time!

Loose Plans Tighten Fun

Everyone knows that a strict schedule is the worst thing to include in a sleepover, as the best parts of sleepovers are in the moment and without thought. However, you want to have some sort of plan, you might end up with a bunch of people staring into their phones. Not good!

The solution is to have a list of things to do, with no order or obligation to do them. When everyone arrives, have something to do to kick off the fun, which could lead into more impromptu activities. If the energy dies down, grab out your list and suggest some fun activities to get the party jumping!

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

Possibly the most essential part of a sleepover is the abundance of food. Teenagers get hungry, especially after a long day at work, school, sports, or shopping. The first thing they want when they arrive home is something to munch on. Some great ideas of snacks are popcorn, chips, any type of candy, and of course veggies and fruit to balance it all out.

Make sure no one has food allergies, and if they do, avoid those foods. No matter what happens, if there’s good food available, it will all work out!

Be Attentive

Suffocating your guests by over-hosting can make having a good time difficult for everyone, but still try to make sure you’re accommodating. No one wants parents constantly checking in on you all or you to always be missing from the party because you’re getting snacks, drinks, blankets, or cleaning up. However, it’s always a good idea to be attentive to your guests.

Make sure before the party, you have all the supplies you need in the slumber party room. Then, when everyone’s getting ready for bed, make a group decision on if everyone wants the TV and lights on or off and ask if anyone needs anything else before you go to sleep. In addition, try not to ignore any simple requests!

Practice Safe Fun

Sleepovers are the central time and place for good memories and tons of fun to happen! The memories from sleepovers not only last into the next morning and Monday at school, but they will be remembered by everyone throughout their lives! For these reasons, you want to be sure the memories are always fond ones.

Play games that are safe and smart, and make sure to always take precautions with even the slightest dangerous activities you do. Some fun games that are also safe include MASH, spin the bottle nail polish style, blind makeovers, regular makeovers, The Floor is Lava, video games, Twister, and Paranorma.