Get prepped for AP tests

AP Tests are coming up quickly!

While these tests are notoriously stressful and difficult to prepare for, here is a path to success for every AP test

Study Strategies

Prioritize-If you are taking multiple tests think about which is most important to you. Which are you most confident about? What units or skills in each class do you struggle with most? Review- With all the time that has passed since you first learned some material, you should review! Go over simple concepts that you may have forgotten, this way you avoid losing easy points. Study Groups- Som...

Know Your Test

How is the test graded? -  You might know the material but if you don’t know how the test is graded it will be much harder to get a good score! Test Material- Ask your teacher about which sections will be tested the most! And make sure to study them! Time- What are the time constraints? If you can’t do a skill in the allotted amount of time you won’t get the credit....


Take Breaks- know what your study limit is, you won’t soak in any information when stressed out. Avoid cramming- this won’t help you retain any information Be Confident! - Have confidence in what you know and that you are doing your best!


Books The best study book may differ for each person or subject. Look on websites such as to find what review book may be best for you. Books are available to buy, but also to check out from local libraries if you don’t mind not writing in them. Online You can take released AP tests online. There are many resources on

Test Day

Energizing foods- The test is several hours long, you will get hungry if you don’t eat beforehand! (Try fruits, eggs, nuts, and other high energy foods.) Be on time- Do not be late! Get there early and talk to people you know, it will help ease nerves. Find the test location ahead of the test date- You may think you know where the test will be you should always make sure before the day of y...

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