Holiday decor bug bites early


Aubrey Goedken, Rampage Reporter

Have you driven outside at night recently? I was just driving around a few days after Halloween and I was shocked to see holiday decorations and lights all around town! People were fully ready for the holidays and it was only October!

So many people think after Halloween is over its immediately time for the holidays, without even giving time for Thanksgiving. With everyone decorating for the holidays that are still months away, it seems like they want to skip Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to be celebrated and decorated for like it should be. Why are we decorating this early when we still have Thanksgiving?

One reason I think people decorate this early is because it is warmer outside, and after it snows it’s too cold to hang lights and decorate. Although I do understand this, I don’t think the decorations need to be lit up. We can still put the lights up when it is semi- warm outside without lighting them up. They can hang until after Thanksgiving and then they can be lit up closer to the holidays.

But, in the past few years it has been just as cold in October and November as it is in December so hanging them early isn’t really helping because it’s not warmer outside. Take Halloween as an example. There was snow on the ground for Halloween and that was only October. Now its November and we’ve already had a 2-hour delay for snow!

Another reason people might decorate for the holidays early is because of stores. Right after Halloween all the holiday decorations are out all over the stores. Everywhere you look there is something for every part of your house.

Stores, just like people, are skipping Thanksgiving. They barley sell Thanksgiving decorations. When it comes to a house on Thanksgiving, look around and see turkeys and Thanksgiving decorations: not wintery holiday decorations. In order to make this possible, stores need to sell more Thanksgiving decorations.

One interesting thing about the weird decorating habit is this is the only time of the year where decorations don’t go with the holiday being celebrated. For example. You don’t see Thanksgiving decorations up on Halloween. You see pumpkins masks skeletons and tons of other Halloween decorations so why are we seeing winter holiday decorations up for Thanksgiving?

What do you think? Should people focus more on Thanksgiving or skip over it by decorating for the holidays early.