Spring Break Stay-Cation

Aubrey Goedken

11 Things To Do for a Stay-Cation Spring Break

Spring Break is here, and some people have already planned trips away, but if you’re not one of them, do not worry. There are lots of things you can do without even leaving your house. Here is a list of 11 Things To Do if you’re having a Stay-Cation this Spring Break.

Go Camping Indoors: Even if you don’t own a camper you can still have just as much fun indoors. Set up a tent or if you don’t have one build a fort. Grab some treats and spend the night in it with your friends or family.

Make Homemade Pizza: What’s better than homemade food? Create your own unique pizza that is built just for you and try it. You might have a new favorite topping!

Redecorate: Give yourself a fresh new start this spring. You could redecorate something as small as your room or as big as your whole house. There are endless possibilities.

Host a Movie Night with Family and Friends: Invite everyone over and host a movie night. Get some popcorn and candy and you’re set for a great night of entertainment.

Spa Day: Treat yourself. Sometimes everyone needs a spa day to look and feel great.

Play a New Game: Find a new game to try with your family at home. Borrow one for free at our Dubuque library. Whether it’s a board game or a game to play together on your phone, any time spent with your family will be fun.

Mini Photoshoot: Get your friends together and find some outfits. Grab a camera and have a mini photoshoot. The pictures don’t have to be professional to make it fun!

Bike Ride: Sunny outside like it has been for a couple of days? Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood or on trails if they are open.

Paint: You could paint anything! All you need is some paint and creativity. Paint in your backyard if the sun is shining.

Try Something New: Even if none of the things on the list seemed like something you would do you could always try something new. Whether it’s a food, an exercise, or even a sport, who knows, you might like it.

Bake: Brownies, Cookies, Scotcheroos, etc. If you don’t have the right pans head to our downtown library in Dubuque. They have all kinds of fun baking pans to check out and borrow. Yes, at the library!