New literature class offerings

Gracie Mena, Rampage Reporter

Registration has started and it’s time to make a decision on next year’s classes. Checking the 2019/2020 course guide is essential to making final decisions. The guide also details new classes and opportunities.

Students may register using the Infinite Campus system through Friday, February 22, 2019”

To graduate, 2 literature credits are required. There are some very interesting new literature classes you can register for next year.

Women’s Literature will be taught by Ms. Lammer-Heindel. Women’s literature is a semester long course open to juniors and seniors for the 2019/2020 school year. The course guide states the class will evaluate and recognize the impact the roles women have experienced in socially, culturally, and psychologically and how that influenced female writers at those times. Gender will be a focus, but there will also be discussion on race, sexuality, age, and nationality.

African American Literature is another new class that will be available. Mr. Jenkins will teach this class. This class, like women’s literature, will using a thematic view in its consideration of different African American works. This will include focusing on themes of identity, justice, conflict, voice, and more.

Both courses are one semester long, one credit. They are open to any juniors and seniors.

Students may register using the Infinite Campus system through Friday, February 22, 2019. If students need assistance or want to make changes after this date, they will need to meet with their counselor.

It is suggested to register for any classes you want, even if you are not completely sure. It is much easier to drop a class than it is to add to one later. Wait lists may be available, but there is no guarantee.

Below is a listing of possible texts for African American Literature. See Mr. Jenkins for more details.

Anchor Texts

Norton Anthology of African American Literature (3rd edition)

The Color Purple by Alice Walker (excerpts)

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates


Excerpts, authors, and other possible content


Richard Wright

James Baldwin

Toni Morrison

Maya Angelou

Ralph Ellison

Chester Himes

“The Hate U Give” Angie Thomas

Jason Reynolds (Ghost?)

“Dear Martin” Nic Stone

Walter Dean Myers



“Ghost Children” D. Winston Brown

James Baldwin

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Medgar Evers

“Hip: The History” John Leland

Barack Obama

Dr. Carol Anderson (White Rage)

Alice Walker In Search of My Mother’s Gardens

The Milwaukee Experiement by Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker, May 11, 2015, pgs 24-32)



“Those Winter Sundays” Robert Hayden

“We Real Cool” Gwendolyn Brooks

Aretha Franklin

“Strange Fruit” Abel Meeropol/Billie Holiday

Langston Hughes

Jean Toomer (Cane poems)

Zora Hurston

“For You” Sharon Olds

Audre Lorde


The Roots

Tribe Called Quest




Mos Def / Blackstar



“I Am Not Your Negro” (2016)

“Do the Right Thing” by Spike Lee

“Boyz in the Hood”

“12 Years a Slave”

“Malcolm X”