Speech team maintains excellence


Aaron Dean

The Dubuque Senior Speech Team includes 94 students performing in 30 different groups

Kate Farnum, Rampage Reporter

From auditions to casting to months of rehearsals, the Dubuque Senior Speech Team had amazing Large Group Speech success!

During districts in Cascade January 26th, all 30 competing teams from the Dubuque Senior Speech Team were rated “ones” and moved on to State. State was held on February 2nd, where every single varsity and JV event received an overall one rating. From there, teams qualified for either performing or nonperforming.

The speech team received 22 Large Group All-State nominations! Speech students, regardless of qualification, traveled to Iowa State on February 16th to support the team. Performing teams included

  • Jars of Hope (Readers Theatre)
  • KHLY (TV News)
  • My Husband (Ensemble Acting)
  • Catholic School Girls (One Act Play)
  • Quentin (Short Film)
  • Snack Attack (Solo Mime)
  • Getting It Write (Group Mime)
  • Xanadu (Musical Theatre)
  • Jekyll and Hyde (Musical Theatre)
  • Something Rotten (Musical Theatre)
  • Sleep Tight (Group Mime)
  • Grannies Take A Gamble (Group Mime)
  • Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (JV Choral Reading)
  • KPOW (Radio Broadcasting)
  • Night, Mother (Ensemble Acting)
  • Mills-Schultz-Seyer (Group Improvisation)

Students attended an opening ceremony, watched performances, and then came together for the closing ceremonies where banners and the Sweepstakes Trophy was announced.

Dubuque Senior took home the banners for Ensemble Acting, (Night, Mother) and for Group Mime (Getting It Wright). The team also took home the Sweepstakes Trophy and the All-State Banner for the most events qualified for All-State.

Performers and their performances include:

  • Ahlers/Current Giere/Tonn/Tonn (Group Improvisation) – Ren Ahlers, Shonagh Current Giere, Jack Tonn, Luke Tonn
  • Busch/Gunn/Kreiss (Group Improvisation) – LeRoy Busch, Matt Gunn, Aleeyah Kreiss
  • Catholic School Girls (One Act Play) – Molly Foley, Aleeyah Kreiss, Maria Markus, Cecilia Oberdoerster, Riley O’Donnell, Gabby Rangel, Hannah Smith, El Taverna, Cassie Williams
  • Dancing Lessons (Ensemble Acting) – Lauren Fetzer, Jackson Kates
  • Do I Have To? (Solo Mime) – Emmy Lawless
  • Geers/Lawless/Mulgrew/Oberdoerster (Group Improvisation) – Abigail Geers, Will Lawless, Jackson Mulgrew, Cecilia Oberdoerster
  • Getting It Write (Group Mime) – Peyton Decker, Katie Hansen, Kate Tonn
  • Grannies Take A Gamble (Group Mime) – Lauren Fetzer, Tia Martin, Lilly Nauman, Leah Sullivan, Mia Waid
  • Hurt But Not Broken (Solo Mime) – Lilly Naumann
  • I Love Girl (Readers Theatre) – Max Enabnit, Kate Farnum, Abigail Geers, Izzy Gorton, Madison Herrig, Will LaFoe, Elizabeth McAuliffe, True Mills, Christian Neises, John Pope, Catherine Schueller
  • Jars of Hope (Choral Reading) – Marie Bakken, LeRoy Busch, Max Enabnit, Nate Failmezger, Molly Foley, Isabella Garcia, Katie Hansen, Julia Howes, Emma Kelsey, Morgan McClain, Mariah McKenna, Christian Neises, Joel Salwolke, Catherine Schueller, Hannah Smith
  • Jekyll & Hyde (Musical Theatre) – Brady Booth, Peyton Decker, Will Lawless, Jackson Mulgrew, John Pope, Lexi Reed, El Taverna, Gabe Vander Broek
  • KHLY (Television Newscasting) – Josie Duccini, Isabella Garcia, Mariah McKenna, Cora Mills, Ella Poppen, Connor Sindt, Taylor Starkey, Harrison Tompkins, Eva Wood
  • KOLD (Radio Broadcasting) – Mikalyn Jasper, Catherine Lindley, Rebecca May, Nyla Noble, Hope Schumacher, Kes Whalen, Josie Wilant
  • KPOW (Radio Broadcasting) – Kathryn Burns, Dylan Fair, Ellie Koerperich-Roldan, McKenzie Pfab, Lexi Reed, Jonathan Schultz, Eli Weidemann
  • KSVN (Television Newscasting) – Jacob Brimeyer, Foster Hull, Evelyn Jenkins, Ellie Koerperich-Roldan, Nyla Noble, McKenzie Pfab, Hope Schumacher, Kes Whalen, Payton Zentz
  • Matterhorn (Ensemble Acting) – Joe Delaney, Olivia Stoffel
  • Mills/Schultz/Seyer (Group Improvisation) – True Mills, Jonathan Schultz, Jared Seyer
  • My Husband (Ensemble Acting) – Amber Schute, Gabe Vander Broek
  • Night, Mother (Ensemble Acting) – Samantha Barklow, Brady Booth
  • Operation Cookie (Solo Mime) – Mia Waid
  • Quentin (Short Film) – Nate Failmezger, Madison Herrig, Foster Hull, Mikalyn Jasper, Evelyn Jenkins, Rebecca May, Jillian Manternach, Molly Norton, Jason Reichel, Alyssa Seyer, Eli Weidemann, Payton Zentz
  • Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch (Choral Reading) – Megan Andress, Audrey Diem, Debbie Dremmel, Jayda Gooch, Helen Hall, Grace Herrig, Lilly Hoefflin, Hunter Isaacson, Carly Lawler, Anna Lockhart, Miah Phalen, Andrew Schute, Maura Wright
  • Sleep Tight (Group Mime) – Marie Bakken, Matt Gunn, Abigail Klapatauskas, Morgan McClain
  • Snack Attack (Solo Mime) – Emma Kelsey
  • Something Rotten (Musical Theatre) – Gavin Hall, Will LaFoe, Jackson Kates, Maria Markus, Ella Poppen, Gabby Rangel, Joel Salwolke, Kate Tonn
  • The Suitcase (Readers Theatre) – Ren Ahlers, Rachel Compton, Anna Cook, Shonagh Current Giere, Joe Delaney, Hunter Isaacson, Emmy Lawless, Jack Tonn, Luke Tonn
  • Un(super) (Short Film) – Simon Benson, Dylan Fair, Kate Farnum, Julia Howes, Abigail Klapatauskas, Audrey Kosel, Catherine Lindley, Cora Mills, Brooke Poll, Josh Rusch, Jared Seyer, Connor Sindt, Taylor Starkey
  • Workout Win or Fitness Failure (Group Mime) – Anna Lockhart, Andrew Schute, Olivia Stoffel, Maura Wright
  • Xanadu (Musical Theatre) – Samantha Barklow, Izzy Gorton, Tia Martin, Riley O’Donnell, Amber Schute, Amelia Spahn, Leah Sullivan, Cassie Williams