Deep clean your social media habits

Deep clean your social media habits

Hannah Trimble, Rampage Reporter

There is no way to refute the fact that social media has altered our modern society in both positive and negative ways. Social media platforms are great for expressing oneself, and communicating with people we wouldn’t have the chance to without these devices. However, a lot of people seem to be dependent on their phones to get through the day, and some are a little bothered by that idea.

People are having this realization recently, and it comes in form of something called a “Social Media Cleanse”. Some of the people around me have tried this, and WOW. It’s the worst.

First off, if you think you’re using a platform too much, and simply cut it off, you haven’t solved any problems because you still don’t know why you are ‘addicted’ to it, or why/how it comforts you. For this reason, and many others, a lot of these detoxes only further perpetuate people’s attachment to their phones, as when they get their devices back, they go straight back to their original routines.

Another great example of this not working, is when people will give their account passwords to their friends to keep up with their social statuses, accounts, Snapchat Streaks etc. and think this counts as some sort of detox. I am here to tell you that this method has NO benefits, and honestly it’s one of the most pointless wastes of time there is.

If you’re taking a break, you have to take an actual break. The anxiety of not being on social media mostly comes from the fact that your accounts will not be updated when you’re gone, so when you change that, you are being comforted by that backbone, and it does absolutely nothing for you, and you will still find yourself dependent on your social accounts.

If you really want to take a break from your phone, you need to find out what draws you to it so much, and then confront it; at which time you may start to detach yourself from technology and the horrors of social media. Cutting it off for a few days because it makes you feel like your ‘one with nature’ will do nothing for you, except maybe being able to see what the sky looks like for those few hours.

Cutting back on these unhealthy habits is a small thing everyone can do to improve your day, week, month, or maybe even longer. We live on such a beautiful earth (that’s resources are being depleted, but still): explore it and find love in it for yourself, not for the likes. Live your life for the purpose of loving the people around you, not for the recognition of the people around you.