Leave Kim alone!


Image from https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/20/kim-possible-dr-drakken-shego-live-action-movie/

The original Kim Possible (left) created by Bob Schooley and Mack KcCorkle looks significantly different from the live action Kim (right), played by Sadie Stanley.

Hannah Trimble, Rampage Reporter

Disney Channel has been ruined.

Most of the 90’s kids and those born up until around 2001 know this.

The channel used to be right alongside Nickelodeon (which has also gone off, sadly) cranking out the greatest kids shows of all time: Phil of the Future, Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, and so many more from this era.

Another thing Disney Channel used to be known for was their original movies. Minute Men, Halloweentown, Cadet Kelly, and so much more. They even had seasons for these amazing class films: Monstober, Christmas Countdowns, Summer Series’. All of which were amazing. There is no doubt that these are all a part of Disney Channel’s peak.

Unfortunately, though, this peak led to an enormous downward spiral in their content. The rock bottom of this spiral is the live action version of Kim Possible. The real-world adaption of the series presents itself on the 15th of February to ultimately ruin the program for good.

Originally, everyone was was a child during this era was excited as could be. Then, the cast list came out, and we got worried but we were still thinking about giving it a chance. Now, however, the reason most of us former children know that this is going to be the actual worst is the evidence given to the masses via the trailer.

Just by this two-minute clip, that they actually thought was okay enough to release to the masses, we can see that the budget for this rendition of the basic structure of my childhood is lower than my weekly gas budget. The effects didn’t even need to be that good for us to enjoy some sort of nostalgia, but alas, it looks like the graphics are comparable to the 1985 version of Teen Wolf, which is definitely not good and almost insulting to our queen Kim.

For the time being, unless they remake it, I’ll stick to my classic and iconic animated Kim Possible series. Kim possible is supposed to be there for you, ’til the very end, and if there’s Danger or Trouble, she’s there on the double, but this version of Kim seems to actually BE the trouble, and it is for this reason that I will be expecting a long (and handwritten) apology from the Disney Channel Headquarters.

To check out the new trailer, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRQT9ODqDI