Visualizations and affirmations – new paths to success

Gracie Mena, Rampage Reporter

I’m sure everyone wants to be more fit, smart, confident, and more, but without a plan for your goals, those things can be very hard to accomplish. Thankfully, there are ways to accomplish your goals such as visualization paired with affirmations. Many say, “Seeing is believing.” Will you see yourself reach your goals?


Visualization is something lots of professional athletes live by. Although training for your support is vital to playing your sport to the best of your ability, sports also have a lot to do with mental strength. This mental strength can be trained in the form of visualization.

Visualization is when you put yourself in a calm place, close your eyes, and imagine yourself performing your sport the best you can or even better. This helps you train your body and mind to stay calm when you are in high pressure situations and still perform your best. Additionally, it helps you gain confidence in your physical ability to perform your skill. Once you visualize yourself doing something you want to do, you no longer can deny your ability to achieve that goal because you imagined yourself doing it already.

The best times to practice visualization is leading up to a big game or competition. This can help you mentally prepare for what is coming next. Even though this is a common practice for athletes, it can be used in any aspect of your life.


Affirmations are positive things you tell yourself to help build your confidence and set your goals straight every day. The affirmations back up the visualizations by being the personal aspect of the goal, which is helpful because you can evaluate yourself and define what demons might be holding you back from achieving or maintaining your aspirations.

Affirmations can help you reach and prepare for your goal. They help you focus your energy on what you need to accomplish. When done in the morning, these affirmations can get you right on track to getting things done by putting you in a positive mindset at the very beginning of the day. They also build your confidence and reduce feelings of discouragement. Affirmations do this by reminding yourself of personal resources you forget about when you are stressed and frustrated.

Ways to use affirmations

A good example of some affirmations for someone that feels unloved or unworthy of love can be, “I love myself. My family and friends love me. I deserve love.” These statements can open your heart and mind to yourself. Your insecurities, whatever they might be, are most likely holding you back from something you could do. For example, adults who feel unloved might long for a happy family but can’t seem to be social enough to meet a significant other.

Another example could be of a shy student who doesn’t have confidence in their knowledge, so they stay quiet in class and are too afraid to ask questions. Affirmations for them could include, “I am confident in my academic ability. Today I will ask questions when I don’t understand something in class. Asking for clarification can help other students around me.” These three sentences alone can get this student in the right mind set to help them overcome their shyness in class by focusing on a positive outlook on their struggles.

Saying affirmations is not the only way you can positively prepare for your day with them. Another way you can get in your daily affirmations is with an affirmation board. An affirmation board can be something you look at every morning hanging on your wall. This can be notecards with affirmations written on them that you look at every day. This can be a quicker way to start your day off right without having to say anything.

More information

YouTube has many videos that you can watch all you have to do is search “affirmations for” followed by anything you want to focus on. If you want to make an affirmation board or write them down to read them aloud to yourself, you can either get it from the videos or you can just Google affirmations for your focus.