Girls’ track goes after it at UD Classic


Tracy Demerath

The distance running crew takes a stretch break at the Mystique Community Ice Center

Kate Farnum, Rampage Reporter

As Girls Track and Field moves into outdoor season, indoor season comes to a close after several meets at the University of Dubuque. Goodbye, hallway sprints, and hello, actual track!

Overall, the girls placed 5th at the UD Classic on Friday, March 15th.

The JV team placed in 8 events, including a second place finish for the 4×800 relay team of Grace Ries, Stacey Kloft, Josie Stackis, and Lily Balayti and a third place finish for the Distance medley team of Allison Morgan, Jennifer Bardon, Alesha Veach, and Stacey Kloft.

JV 55m Dash

  •  Nyla Noble – 12th place
  • Jamia Harris –  18th place

JV 1500m

  • Lucia Nelson – 3rd
  • Bailey Hammerand – 6th
  • Julianne Caceres – 14th

JV 4x200m Relay

  •  Jamia Harris, Ali Edmonds, Maddy Reel, and Kenya Sutton – 9th

JV 4x400m Relay

  •  Allison Morgan, Ali Edmonds, Stacey Kloft, and Lucie Lambe – 7th

JV 4x800m Relay

  • Grace Ries, Stacey Kloft, Josie Stackis, and Lily Balayti – 2nd

JV Distance Med

  • Allison Morgan, Jennifer Bardon, Alesha Veach, and Stacey Kloft – 3rd

JV Long Jump

  • Alesha Veach – 18th

JV Shot Put

  • Breen Duffy – 20th
  • Sara Swift – 26th
  • Ali Sisler – 30th

The varsity team also had a strong showing, including not only winning and high placements, but a new school record by Claire Edmondson in the 1500m run.

Varsity 55m Dash

  • Aliyah Johnson – 21st

Varsity 400m

  • Ellie Huinker – 18th

Varsity 800m 

  • Lauren Miller – 4th
  • Lily Balayti – 17th
  • Josie Stackis – 18th

Varsity 1500m

  • Claire Edmondson – 1st
    • New School record with a time of 4:47.80
  • Izzy Gorton – 7th

Varsity 3000m

  • Lily Schmidt -1st

Varsity 55m Hurdles

  • Mariah Clay – 21st

Varsity 4x200m Relay

  • Aliyah Johnson, Lucie Lambe, Bridget Weber, and Melia Stackis – 15th

 Varsity 4x400m Relay

  •  Melia Stackis, Lauren Miller, Bridget Weber and Ali Edmonds – 8th

Varsity 4x800m Relay

  • Lily Schmidt, Izzy Gorton, Ashley Donovan and Claire Edmondson – 4th

Varsity Distance Medley

  • Melia Stackis, Ellie Huinker, Kenya Sutton, and Lauren Miller – 6th

Varsity High Jump

  • Lucie Lambe – 13th

Varsity Long Jump

  • Aliyah Johnson – 11th

Varsity Shot Put

  • Lydia Wehrspann – 21st
  • Lauren Ruden – 46th
  • Athena Lueken – 55th

The girls’ next meet is Saturday, March 23rd at the University of Dubuque.