Seniors to Celebrate Decision Day

Class of 2019 – Be sure to take the Post Secondary Plans survey linked within the article!

Jenna Meehan, Rampage Reporter

On Tuesday, April 23rd, during support time, all seniors will be celebrating Decision Day to mark the end of their time at Dubuque Senior.  During this time, the senior class will meet to celebrate their post-secondary decisions and socialize with fellow classmates.

Information about post-secondary decisions is being compiled in a “Senior Survey” that was emailed to students DCSD emails, as well as to parents. All seniors are required to fill out this survey prior to the event. The survey is linked here.

Whether continuing on to a 4-year of 2-year College, joining the workforce or the military, taking a gap year, or starting a trade school or apprenticeship program, the Counseling Office wants to ensure that all future plans of the senior class are represented.

Congratulations to all our seniors & don’t forget to fill out the survey!