New Schedule, New Problems


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DSHS students have been following this new schedule since March 4th and will continue to do so through the end of the year.

Payton Zentz, Rampage Special Reporter

From time to time, the Rampage publishes work from students in Journalism class. While these writers are not part of the regular staff, their work meets many (or all) of the same requirements of those on the Rampage staff. We congratulate these writers on their work!

Students are finding increased levels of conflict between school and work after the school district added 25 minutes to the end of every school day to make up for excess snow days.

Starting on March 4, all schools in the Dubuque Community School District began to release 25 minutes later than their regular dismissal times. Students have many complaints, but one of the most common relates to work schedules.

Some students with other responsibilities are unable to get to work on time. Lilly Nauman (11) picks up her sisters from school before she goes to work, but the change in dismissal times makes getting to her 4:00 pm shift on time impossible. Lilly arrives at work 15 minutes after her scheduled shift.

Hy-Vee employs a significant number of high school students. “They understand but it’s hard because I want and need the hours,” said Nauman.

Most student’s hours have not changed or have been reduced. Although many students are still able to get to work on time, they report higher levels of stress due to less time between school and work.

“The only problem is that it makes afternoons a lot more stressful,” said Olivia Young (11). Young, like many others, finds that she only has time to change into her work clothes and grab a quick snack before heading to her shift at Mt. Carmel.

Carly Dalberg, a senior at Hempstead, shared the same sentiments. “It doesn’t conflict with me getting to work on time, but it hurts my homework time.” Because of the lack of time to get things done before work, she now has to stay up later to finish her homework.

Dubuque Senior changed its schedule to incorporate a common support time. Hempstead simply added on time to each class, but not study hall.