Pranks, bad jokes not funny

Pranks, bad jokes not funny

Hannah Trimble, Rampage Reporter

Instagram Comedians are undeniably high on the list of the worst things in our modern society. Instagram comedians are people that fall under a large umbrella of awfulness that includes stupid pranks, horrible skits, and cringe-worthy random interviews that are all put into 60-second videos and posted to Instagram. The term “comedian” is also loosely used, as none of these people are even remotely in the realm of funny.

Most of these people are making large amounts of money, as they get large amounts of views and engagements on the platform, which then prompts them to keep making these atrocities for young, impressionable people to watch and look up to. This would be okay, and almost great if these people had any sort of decency in them. Most of the interviews are demeaning and/or borderline harassment and the skits are low-budget, low-effort, and offensive for a high payoff, which makes zero sense, because they’re horrible and not entertaining.

Now, most of the general population can laugh at a borderline offensive joke. However, the catch is that it actually has to be funny. None of these people are funny, so, therefore, unless you think blunt and unfunny misogyny, harassment, racism, and corny-ness is somehow entertaining, they’re an actual burden to society.

Basically, when you’re walking down the street, just leave people alone, they most likely would not like to be filmed. There are other ways to go viral if you really feel the need to, because profiting off of making people uncomfortable is not a very honorable thing to do, and its honestly just makes you a horrible person.

Also, stop telling little kids that it’s okay to go out and treat people in the worst ways, and then walk into a grocery store and do a backflip. We need to stop paying attention to them, and if you really think men harassing women on the street is somehow the funniest thing on earth, you’re part of the problem.

This type of behavior need to be eliminated if we’re all being honest. All it does is promote horrible behavior in unfunny ways, and the world would be a better place knowing that I won’t get “pranked” when I’m in public.