Late night, early morning fire on Loras Boulevard

Kate Farnum, Rampage Reporter

If you live nearby Loras College or in the college district of Dubuque, chances are while you were doing homework late last night, you heard sirens for an extended period of time.

Around 9:01 last night, according to Dubuque police officials, a basement fire was reported at 586 Loras Boulevard.

Fire responders were first on the scene, including units from Key West responding to the emergency.

Two people from the home, a man and a woman, were rushed to the hospital with what could be ‘life threatening burns,’ according to Dubuque Fire Authorities.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

It took responders 15 minutes to control the fire. According to the Telegraph Herald, Fire crews remained on the scene until 10 pm.

Although the fire was out by 9:16 p.m., it rekindled this morning at around 6 am. This new flame temporarily blocked off morning traffic from Bluff to Cox streets. According to TH, ‘assistant Fire Chief Cal Motsch said a passerby noticed smoke this morning coming from the residence’.