Girls XC sweeps at MVC, Kilgore places for Boys XC

The Dubuque Senior Girls Cross Country team swept the MVC Supermeet in Iowa City yesterday. The Freshmen/Sophomore team, the JV team, and the Varsity team all came home with first place finishes.

For the Varsity, individual commendations go to:

  • Lilly Schmidt (11) placed 3rd overall with a time of 19:11
  • Claire Edmondson (12) placed 4th overall with a time of 16:16
  • Izzy Gorton (11) placed 7th with a time of 19:31
  • Kate Miron (12) placed 26th with a time of 20:44
  • Lucy Tompkins-Garoutte (9) placed 32nd with a time of 20:55
  • Grace Ries placed 34th
  • Josie Stackis played 36th

For the Freshmen and Sophomore team individuals of note included

  • Caylie Kosanske (2nd)
  • Elise Hallstoos (3rd)
  • Lily Balayti (7th)
  • Julianne Caceres (10th)
  • Estella Brown (17th)

The Junior Varsity rounded out the wins with high placements from

  • Elyza Hoffman (2nd)
  • Lucia Nelson (3rd)
  • Eva Wood (4th)
  • Kes Whalen (8th)
  • Emma Loney (9th)
  • Evelyn Jenkins (11th)
  • Alora Rapp Uptegraph (12th)

The Boys team placed 12th out of 15 teams. Connor Kilgore came in 28th with a time of 17:24