RamFam Reno: Part 2


DSHS Administration

A portion of the building largely affected by the first round of renovations

Kate Farnum, Rampage Reporter

Phase 1 of the Dubuque Senior renovations has been successfully incorporated into Our House. These changes bring lots of positive remodels and provide a better space for learning for students and faculty alike. Additions like the courtyard and new science classrooms were a huge advantage to our school.

Phase 2 institutes a ‘facelift’ for our school. Doctor Johnson says that every room in our school would get something fresh and new. The much-anticipated addition of air conditioning throughout the school is also coming soon.

Current classrooms will be updated, along with renovations to the bathrooms. Although Doctor J tells us there are no definite plans yet, these are the outlines for Phase 2. There are still processes and protocols to decide on, and the renovation has to follow district and state guidelines.

Students are much anticipating the addition of air conditioning especially during the end of the year. According to Kes Whalen, the bathrooms in the social studies and science hallways need “serious help.”

Maddie Hendricks is also extremely excited, for the addition of air conditioning because it will be “lots more comfortable to focus when it is hot out.”