Playing in a pandemic


The Band’s Winter Concert took place in Nora Gym to allow for more social distancing for both the musicians and the audience.

Abigail King, Rampage Reporter

This school year may seem different than in previous years, but that does not stop the DSHS band from embracing their musical abilities.

With the current academic situation involving the pandemic, several precautions are being taken to ensure safety for students and faculty.

In the band room, chairs have been positioned so that everyone is facing the front and are socially distanced six feet apart. Trombone players have an extra three feet in front of them due to the slide on their instrument.

Each wind play received a mask for playing and a bell cover provided by the school district. Brass players also have absorbent pads that are laid on the floor for their water keys that may be discarded at the end of rehearsal.

For the students engaging in online class, they still have the ability to participate in the DSHS band. The classwork for band is a mix of online work and in class rehearsals. Online students can be engaged in lessons via zoom, as well as some attend in person rehearsal.

Although there are several changes, Mr. Garde states, “For the most part, students have been doing what they need to do in class to make sure we can stay safe and to be able to keep playing.” Occasionally a student may forget their mask or bell cover, in which case they are unable to practice in class for that day.