Frog replaces bunny for Cadbury



Betty the frog Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

Natalie Jones, Journalism Student

A new Cadbury Bunny for the 2021 Easter season is hopping into the spotlight! No, it is not a rabbit. It is Betty the frog! She’s the winner of the 3rd annual Cadburry Egg mascot competition.

She is the smallest and first female contestant to ever win the competition. “It’s been pretty cool winning the Cadbury competition this year and bringing joy to so many people through it!,” Betty’s owner said. “It’s so funny how a little frog with some bunny ears on can really make someone’s day!” 

The competition was a vote. People submitted their pets to Cadburry and then people voted on this year’s contestants.

Each year The Hershey Co. (Cadbury) gives the winner of this contest 5,000 dollars, as well as 15,000 dollars to charities to fight animal cruelty.

Betty is an Australian white tree frog from Orlando, Florida. She is about a year old and was adopted from a pet store by her current owner, “She didn’t seem to be in the best conditions and my roommate, and I already had two white tree frogs and plenty of extra space, so we decided to ‘rescue’ her from there!” said her current owner.