The Homecoming Dance is in 2 days. Are you ready?


Maddie Hendricks, Rampage Reporter

If you are a major procrastinator, the pressure to find the perfect outfit is truly on.

The homecoming dance is right around the corner, in 2 days to be exact. The pressure for finding the perfect dress or best-looking tie can be a struggle, but these tips will calm your nerves will be calmed and answer your questions.

The dance is on September 15th, from 7-10 pm in the Nora Gym. The theme is the “Emerald City” and the gym will be decorated accordingly. Tickets to the dance are $10 and can be purchased at the business office. Make sure to bring your ticket and ID to the dance! You will not be let in without either of these items.

Finding the perfect dress in such a short period of time can be hard, but there are still options. Different stores suggested by students Isabella Garcia (10) and Elyza Hoffman (10) at include Lulus, ASOS, Charlotte Russe, Forever More Bridal Rentals, and Francesca’s (last two places are here in Dubuque).

There are many different popular styles of dresses including fitted, lace, and skater style. Garcia said, “Having your own unique style is the way to go!” To find something unique, try going to a vintage themed store to find something no one else will have.

If you want to save money, wear a previously used dress from a friend or siblings or even DIY-ing some of it. Instead of going out to eat order a pizza with your friends and eat at home or cook dinner together!

Are you wondering if a bow-tie or traditional tie is the way to go? Foster Hull (10) said, “definitely a tie, its classier.” However, if worn well, any tie can look great!

Different stores to shop for shirts and ties include Kohls, Men’s Warehouse, and JCPenney. A popular color for dress pants is black because of how it matches with everything. Hull said “you can reuse black pants for any dance” which would make shopping and getting ready for the dance much easier. He also suggests to “dress as classy as possible for the dance.”