Touch Pro interactive monitor placed


Mandy Moyer (11) demonstrates the Touch Pro


With so many clubs, sports, performance groups, and the physical size of DSHS, it becomes difficult to highlight all of the successes and involvements of students, present and past.

Thanks to the Rams Booster Club, Touch Pro interactive monitors are being installed throughout the school. One is located next to the Business Office with another to eventually go up in the Cafeteria.

These goal of these interactive monitors is to replace all of the photos that were in the old concessions hallway, record boards, Hall of Fame plaques, 1st team all state boards, state championship awards, and much more.

Additionally, with everything being in a central location, areas like Fine Arts, and classes/groups like the bands, orchestras, choirs, Colorguard, and Speech, can showcase their awards in places where anyone can see them. Currently, many of these awards and photos are in cabinets throughout the school and difficult to find, especially for members of the public.

There is a great deal of data, information, and photos to be loaded into the system. This is a long process with many possibilities and virtually no limits.

To access the information current available on the Touch Pro monitor, visit