Meet Our StuCo Team!


Picture Order (Left to Right)  Front Row: Luke Kuennen, Kes Whalen, Aleeyah Kriess, Lillian Schimdt, Eva Wood, Kate Tonn  Middle Row: Nyla Noble, Kathryn Burns, Jillian Maternach, Rylee Capesius, Katie Hansen, Sam Barklow, Sophie Runde  Back Row: Charles Nelson, Gavin Gunns, Ava Bradley, Lilly Smith, Chole McCarty, Isabel Peterson, Josie Stackis, Kathryn Luncicum, Abigail Geers

Kate Farnum, Rampage Reporter

Representatives of Dubuque Senior through StuCo want you to know that they are here to serve you, the school, and make sure your voice is heard.  

The goals of Student Council are as follows; to be committed and accountable to each other and the students of Dubuque Senior High School, to be inclusive of all Rams, and to think creatively and be enthusiastic with all we do.  

The mission statement of Student Council is, “As student leaders we strive to create a culture of unity and pride in addition to our core values of respect, integrity, and engagement for our school and community.”  

Sophmore Reps include Abigail Geers, Gavin Gunns, Aleeyah Kriess, Jillian Maternach, Lillian Schmidt, and Eva Wood.  

Junior Reps include Rylee Capesius, Luke Kuennen, Sam Barklow, Kathryn Luncicum, Kes Whalen, and Josie Stackis.  

Senior Reps include Chloe McCarty, Charles Nelson, Nyla Noble, Isabel Peterson, Sophie Runde, and Kate Tonn.  

StuCo Executives are Kathryn Burns, Katie Hansen, Ava Bradley, and Lilly Smith.  

Thank you Student Council for all you do for the RamFam!