Soap carving project done in English class

A hands-on project gives students another way to connect to their summer reading

Gracie Mena, Rampage Reporter

As a tie-in to their summer reading of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Mrs. Koch’s AP Language and Composition class made soap carvings similar to the ones the character of Boo Radley makes and leaves in the tree for Scout and Jem.

Students carved either an object or something from nature that connected to the novel. Gavels, pocket watches, and mockingbirds were common choices.

Student winners and honorable mentions were selected. Winners were True Mills (12), Peter Sullivan (11), Mia Waid (11), and Michael Miller (11). Amelia Ries (11), Hayleigh Culbertson (11), and Alesha Veach (11) received honorable mentions.