Applying yourself

Applying to college isn’t easy, but the DSHS Counseling Center is here to help


Photo courtesy of SeniorRamFam Twitter

Students can meet with college representatives in the Counseling Center

Jenna Meehan, Rampage Reporter

Common Application. FAFSA. Transcripts. Score Reports. Letters of Recommendation. Financial Aid. For any college-bound senior, these words will most likely be the scariest thing this Halloween season. Sure, you’ve worked hard the past 3 years to earn the grades, join the extracurricular activities, and pass the standardized tests, but what now?

Before you don your cap and gown and walk across that stage you have to figure out what’s next. Thankfully the counseling office is here to help you navigate the process!

On Friday, October 5th, the Counseling Office hosted College Application Day. 70 Senior High seniors attended to work on college applications, college essays, file the FAFSA, and meet with College Admissions Representatives. “I attended College Application Day because it gave me time to work on scholarship applications,” explained Olivia Kruse (12).

If you missed College Application day, don’t worry! The Counseling Office is still able to help you with anything you may need. “Students are always welcomed and encouraged to stop by the Counseling Office to meet with their counselor and/or to visit with college representatives to get any help related to college,” stated Ms. Tevebaugh. “Topics could range from creating a college list, to the financial aid process, to the application process, to deciding on which college to attend.”

Even if you are an underclassman, there is still plenty to think about when it comes to college. Ms. Tevebaugh encourages students to work on “improving their cumulative GPA (every course and grade counts!), getting involved in extracurricular activities and take leadership roles, hone in on your writing skills, and begin researching colleges and careers to find the best fit for you”.

Best of luck to all our Rams navigating the college application process, you’ve got this!