Podcasts: Are they worth our time?

Hannah Trimble, Rampage Reporter

My professional and VERY educated opinion says yes.

Podcasts are a fairly new form of entertainment that allows creators to essentially record a prolonged conversation and post it for others to either watch or listen to.

These conversations can simply involve anything from participants just shooting the breeze, investigate reporting, or talking about a certain topic.

Yes, some may get a little bored just listening to people talk for an hour, but that’s just because you’re not listening to the right ones for you. Depending on the one you choose, you can get a good laugh in, giving to uplift your day. Or maybe you might find an educational one to exercise your brain a bit.

I, personally listen to a comedy podcast while I’m running (to distract myself from the fact that I’m basically dying), and I love it. It prevents me from associating songs with running and then eventually hating them. It also makes me look like a crazy person running down the street trying to conceal laughs, whilst almost tripping every 30 seconds.

If you have headphones or an aux, you can listen to podcasts while doing almost anything. They’re literally the new and improved portable version of AM radio, but way more portable, and without the horrible atrocity-ness that is AM radio!

You choose what you listen to, the voices are clear, and there are no old men screaming about politics at each other (unless that’s your preference, obviously). Not to mention, this form of entertainment uses little amounts of battery and even smaller amounts of mobile data, so podcasts are perfect for on the go.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love music, in fact, it’s my first preference, but sometimes you just want to listen to something else, and podcasts are the way to go.

Podcasts are extremely underrated if you ask me, and there might even be a bit of a taboo surrounding them as well. What I have to say is, who cares? Listen to what you want to listen to, even if it makes you trip while running or randomly laugh out loud in a quiet room.