Ram talent hits Spotify


LAND&SEA Press Photo

Liam Sass and Josiah Riley

A new genre of music has been made with talent right from Dubuque Senior High School!

The duo named SAND&SEA consists of Liam Sass, a senior at Dubuque Senior High School and Josiah Riley, A 2019 graduate of Dubuque Hempstead High School. The two met at a Dubuque Senior football game when Liam introduced himself to Josiah after he was kicked out of the student section when others realized he was from another school.

Liam explained he was already producing music before meeting Josiah. A friend recommended he collaborate with Josiah on a track. They  met up and successfully finished writing and cutting the track all in the same. That’s when they realized how great they worked together and decided to keep making music as a duo.

LAND&SEA Press Photo

Their music is a mix of indie with tropical influences, lo-fi beats, and pop vocals. Josiah is the lead vocals while Liam produces the music and the rap portions.

Their goal is “to spread good, happy vibes, and encourage people to smile more” through their music. The duo explains “If we can turn someone’s day around with our music then we’re happy! We just want to put out good music and see what happens.”

The duo put out an original song “i like you,”  in early October. The song reached over 61,000 streams on Spotify. Their most recent album released on November 15th has reached over 15,000 plays on Spotify. The album “Smile More,” has a total of five songs original songs has reached around 79 countries.

The duo has an Instagram @musicbysandandsea that anyone can follow. The account gives updates on their music along with friendly inspirations. Their music is on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, and 150+ other platforms!

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