‘Guardians of the Mississippi’ share mission


Madelyn Deutsch

The sun sets over the Mississippi River

A new organization aimed towards helping to sustain the Mississippi River has recently come afloat.

The Mississippi Guardians is a new organization located in Dubuque, meeting once a month, to promote conservation of the Mississippi River and protect its ecosystem and wildlife.

Madelyn Deutsch, Co-President of the Mississippi Guardians, believes that although people in Dubuque do not always think about their effect on the Mississippi River, protection of these valuable waterways is extremely important. While Dubuque may seem like a small city, its environmental repercussions can reach the deltas in Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and the surrounding oceans. Madelyn said, “It’s all one big chain and we all have the ability to change that.”

“We have a long list of goals and ideas for this organization,” said Deutsch. “Some of these ideas include educating children and adults about sustainability of the river, selling biodegradable containers and utensils, and removing invasive species and planting native species. We are also planning on discussing with the Dubuque City Counsel about reinstating a River Conservation Board and installing public water fountains downtown to encourage the use of refillable water bottles.”

While Dubuque may seem like a small city, its environmental repercussions can reach the deltas in Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, and the surrounding oceans.”

The next meeting of the Mississippi Guardians is on September 19, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. The meeting will include discussing ways to encourage more involvement and membership in the club and creating and painting rain barrels to sell to the public. The meetings are open to anyone interested to attend. The location of the meeting will be announced on the Mississippi Guardian’s social media pages.

You can follow the Mississippi Guardians on Facebook by searching “Mississippi Guardians” or on Instagram @dbq.mississippi.guardians.

Other members of the Mississippi Guardians have described why the have joined and why they encourage others to join as well.

Athena Lueken, Treasurer of the Mississippi Guardians, said, “I joined the Mississippi Guardians because I love the river and want to help keep it clean and safe for all of the wildlife that live in it.” Another member, Delaney Noel, said, “I think it’s a good way to be involved with the environment and people my age working towards something that’s good for all of us.”

Deutsch says, “It is important to always be aware of your carbon footprint.”

According to the Nature Conservatory, a carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases generated by an individual or group’s actions. Excess greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions can warm the rivers and make it uninhabitable for the wildlife and organisms living in the environment.

Deutsch said, “The work may seem hard at first, but it’s really satisfying to help the environment and service hours are involved!”