A Survivor’s Poem

Megan Dunlap

What if I was gone?

Would you miss me?

If I left with the breeze.

Would you follow me?

What if I left you my favorite book?

Would you read it?

If I left you my journal, would you fill in its empty pages?

If you found an animal with eyes like mine would you let it lead you to its home?

Do you think I made the right choices?

Even though they led me here?

I could never leave you, my friend, my family.

“Family don’t end in blood” (Supernatural)

“it doesn’t have to start with it either” (Supernatural)

I’ve survived my own tale.

I’ve written my own story.

Because of my Family.

I am still standing here today.

And I will never turn my back on the friendships I’ve made or the family I’ve earned.

I promise to be there when you need it most.

I will be your shoulder to cry on.

Because you were mine.

And I would never trade your shoulder for any other comfort.

I survived.

I am here.

I still stand here to hug you, tell you my stories, and to never give up on you.

 My Family.

Our love for each other goes deeper than any bloodline could.

I survived because of you.


This poem was written as an assignment for English 1-2. 

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