For My Parents 

“Not all who wander are lost”


British Library

British Library digitised image from page 53 of “Im Hochgebirge. Wanderungen … Mit Abbildungen von E. T. Compton. Herausgegeben von K. Schulz”

Megan Dunlap

I’m a wanderer

I am not lost

I cannot find my way back

There is no way back

And no, you can’t turn me around

nothing you do can get me to change

I love you

I really do

But I’m not afraid of what others think 

Of me or you

Your religion/ethnicity cannot be used as an excuse for you to try to change me

I can wear my pride proudly,


I shouldn’t have to care what you or others think

Because I am happy with being who I am today

Wearing my heart on my sleeve for all to see

can smile at those passing me on the street

Because I stopped caring about what others think

I have people who care about me within my community

No matter who I choose to be

I chose to be Me