Volunteering at the Dubuque Rescue Mission

From time to time, the Rampage publishes work from students in Journalism class. While these writers are not part of the regular staff, their work meets many (or all) of the same requirements of those on the Rampage staff. We congratulate these writers on their work!

The Dubuque Rescue Mission is a city-wide organization that works to aid the less-fortunate with materials and services they may need in life. Without the help of the Mission, many people may not have a roof over their head or a spoon to eat off of.

The Mission works to help all of those they can, and do so through their act of faith. They believe that every action they do is an act of faith, even if you may not be in the same religious mindset as those who actively participate at the mission.

When working with the Mission, the assistance put in is solely to help strangers receive the same treatment everyone else deserves, even if they are not able to afford its cost.

The mission only has an in-house staff of six people, so volunteers are always greatly needed, especially with the massive amounts of people that need the Mission’s help on a daily basis. They are accepting of all types of people, whether it is to volunteer or if it’s to be housed there for a while.

When you volunteer at the mission, the main goal is to help all of those who are in need of assistance, in whatever way you can. This includes helping out at the soup kitchen, in the Thrift store, or even in the community garden they have downtown. All of those who volunteer are unpaid workers and spend their time helping those in need because it is simply the humane thing to do as a member of our community.

They are accepting of assistance whenever a person has a bit of free-time during their hours of operation. Most commonly, people tend to help by serving dinner at the soup kitchen or manning the thrift store by sorting donated items as well as restocking the inventory.

The Mission truly works amorously to give back to those within their community and lend a helping hand. They will accept any help, and especially enjoy when the youth of Dubuque wish to be involved.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Dubuque Rescue Mission, call (563)-583-1394 or  email [email protected] with any further questions.