Wristbands to be required for football, inter-city volleyball and intercity swimming and diving

Face coverings will also be required at these events

Wristbands will be used to identify those who may attend football games, inter-city volleyball matches, and inter-city swimming and diving meets. These events typically bring larger crowds. Due to Covid-19 regulations are being put in place to minimize crowding.

These wristbands are not paid admissions to the event. They will allow the wearer to come to the door. Once at the door, the wearer may pay for admission (exact change is preferred), use their faculty or student pass, or their MVC coaches card. If you do not have a wristband, you will not be able to enter the event.

Given the number of participants involved in most (if not all) of the events in which a wristband is required, there may not be any general public sale/use.

There are also plans to stream all football games. Details are currently being worked out to add streaming for other events.

Other events

At this time, all other events will be open and pay at the door or enter with a pass.

Face coverings

Face coverings will be required at both indoor and outdoor events.


If you have any questions regarding wristbands or event attendance, please contact DSHS Activities Director, Brent Cook