Socially distanced spooking


David Jackman

The spider web candy handing out method devised by the husband of one DSHS teacher

Paige LeConte, Rampage Reporter

Halloween, October 31st, is on both a Saturday and a full moon this year!  This hasn’t happened since 1944! Add in the Pandemic and it’s going to be a Halloween to remember.

Just because we need to remain socially distanced doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled.

Ways to celebrate Halloween while socially distanced include making a spooky snacks, putting on a Halloween playlist, or watching a Halloween movie. You can even do these things with friends over Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, or another virtual hangout app.

Making fall crafts can also be a great option. Thanks to the internet, you can find a wide range of options to fit every budget, style, and ability level.

Hosting a virtual party will be a hit this year by Facetiming or having a Zoom party with you friends or family.

Candy can be passed out social distancing style, too.

It might take some ingenuity, but with a little creativity (and the internet!), all can still enjoy and celebrate everything Halloween and fall has to offer!