Need something to do? Check out a club!

Clubs are a great way to get involved with Dubuque Senior and meet new people.

The Anime and Manga Club poses for a quick photo before marching in the Homecoming Parade

As always, the first month of school brings nerves, excitement, and curiosity about what Dubuque Senior has to offer. Dubuque Senior hosts over 17 clubs for Rams to join, and there is one calling to you right now! From world languages to mock trial to writing, every club welcomes you with open arms. 


Anime and Manga Club

Anime and Manga club is a place to make friends with similar interests in a fun and relaxed environment. In a typical meeting, students have a space to create art, write stories, talk about shows or books, watch episodes, listen to music, and learn/do activities based on Asian culture. Anime and Manga club meets every Thursday in room E45 after school. 


Art Club

If you crave a creative outlet, join Art Club! Meeting most Tuesdays after school in the art room, students have a space to get together with a common interest: Art! The Art Club’s main goal is to integrate art within Senior and the Dubuque community. During meetings, kids have a space to create, discuss, and have fun.  Listen for announcements, watch for signs around school, or check in with Mr. Fautsch in B63 for more information and meeting schedules. 


Board Game Club

For some, playing board games might just be a family night pastime, but not for the Board Game Club! Meeting this Thursday, September 13th, from 2:30-4:15 in A203, members who want to enjoy playing games with other students will have a space to discuss the future schedule and activities going forward. After that discussion, members and leaders will play a short game of Risk. Members of the club enjoy playing games, spending time with friends, and trying out new games and strategies. Board Game Club forms a community of friendly competition and uses games as an excuse to get together and have fun! Watch for signs or check in with Mr. Hickerson in room A203C for more information.


Discovery Club

Interested in the outdoors? Love learning about our earth? Want to explore more of the world? Discovery club is the place for you. Discovery club seeks to get kids outside, while merging science, education and history of our planet. Discovery club meets Thursday mornings at 7:15 in room B229 to discuss what activities the group would enjoy doing. Activities cater to student’s interest and weather for the time of year. Discovery club offers opportunities to kayak, hike, canoe, learn, and have fun! Discovery club is a drop in/drop out club, meaning you do not have to attend every meeting or event to be part of the club.  


French Club

No matter what world language you study, you are welcome to explore French language and culture with the French Club. Mrs. Sartori has led the French Club for 14 years and counting! Activities vary year to year, ranging from ice skating and picnics to eating French food and travelling. All the events are inclusive. French Club aims to connect students with each other through culture and socialize.  Listen to announcements, watch for signs, or check in with Ms. Sartori in room E34 for more information.


German Club

Want to practice German language with other students? Want to experience German culture though food, conversation, and activities? Meeting Tuesdays after school in D77, German Club provides a relaxed space to practice German. The club welcomes other languages, but the main goal of the group is to improve upon German speaking.  Contact Ms. Acierno in room E44 or Ms. Thiltgen for more information. 


Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The Gay Straight Alliance offers a safe space for kids of all sexualities and gender expressions to communicate. Held by Mrs. Weiland on Thursday Mornings at 7:15, meetings are centered around creating understanding between all kids and to provide a welcoming space. GSA also creates awareness about issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.  


Key Club 

Key Club is a volunteer-based organization. Members participate in leadership service roles within the school and within the community. Key Club’s first meeting is Monday, September 10th at 7:10 in room B233.  Contact Mr. Cuvelier in room B233 for more information.


Mock Trial 

For anyone that has an interest in law, Mock Trial is the club for you! Mr. Huff leads this group after participating in it 15 years ago. The main goal of mock trial is to teach students about the legal system and to provide an opportunity to participate in an academic competition. Meetings usually consist of individual practice on a case, then group “run through’s” as competition gets closer. Mock Trial will begin second semester and will meet 1-2 evenings a week. Specific times and places will be decided with the group.  


Model UN 

Have you ever wondered how the global political system works? Have you ever wanted to collaborate and debate on international issues? Model United Nations will is just your ticket! Lead by Mrs. Weiland, this club has been at Senior for a long time, giving students the space to collaborate on political issues. Model UN’s main goal is to teach students how to communicate efficiently and effectively. Meetings are held as needed on Friday mornings (8:15) and usually consist of information, signing up for topics, and prepping for conferences.


National Honor Society (NHS)

If you want to end your high school years on a good note, consider National Honor Society! NHS looks for rams that have good grades, are involved, and show the Ram Core Values. Students are selected the spring of their junior year. Once a student is selected for NHS, the main focus is on service. NHS recognizes exemplary students that show the ‘Four Pillars’ of the society: Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. NHS members are active in our Ram Fam community, completing service hours and helping other students. NHS has been an organization at Senior since 1926! NHS meets 1-2 times a month in B234, and share information, like volunteer information, in Remind and Canvas.  


Ram Cam Crew 

Do you live for FNL? Do you want to know more about the videography of our Ram football games? Do you want to be front and center during the height of the game? Ram Cam Crew meets once a week and the whole team meets on game nights to prep and run the board during the game. If you are interested, meet with Ms. King in room B64. Ram Cam Crew uses skills like brainstorming, problem solving, and learning new techniques on the pressbox and on the cameras. Ram Cam Crew gives support to the team by providing ‘visual information’ – videotaping the games, running the JumboVision, and operating the pressbox.


Spanish Club 

Launching new this year, Spanish Club is hosting a meeting called, “Coffee and Chat” to practice Spanish in a relaxed, friendly environment! Guest speakers will also be at every monthly meeting. Lead by Sra. Day and Sra. Ruiz, this club hosts many activities too, from watching movies to travelling to Chicago. The main goal of Spanish Club is to introduce all cultures of the world to students.  


Trapshooting Club 

Trapshooting Club offers a friendly, competitive atmosphere with a stress on perseverance, technique, and mental strength. After winter break, Trapshooting club will meet Wednesdays and Sundays at Izaac Walton Club in Peosta. With a stress on safety, students better their arm at shooting in a protected space. Trapshooting Club makes competitive shooting affordable for all students.  Contact Mr. Miller in room B140 for more information.


Upper Room

Upper Room is a religious club at Senior that meets to read the Bible and talk about God. Upper Room believes that you are valuable, no matter what. Upper Room meets every Tuesday at 7am in room B135 and is lead by Mr. Hansen.


Writing Club 

Does the term ‘Scribe’ call to you? Do you find joy in writing from a prompt or sharing your work with others? The Scribes are just for you! Holding meetings once or twice a month after school on Wednesdays in A213, the Writing Club is still working on finalizing exact meeting dates. Usually, meetings will start with a quote, prompt, or another piece of literature, and students respond with writing. Members often give feedback to improve each other’s writing. The Scribes were formed so those who are passionate about writing could connect with one another, and to connect using words.